Combining a breadth of experience handling complex employment issues with an attentive and efficient approach, Jason Shinn and the professionals at Shinn Legal, PLC strive to create a true partnership with thier Michigan-based clients. A partnership with one and only one agenda: your best interest.

In many ways, employment law is about looking past short-term outcomes and instead examining the long-term impact of certain policies, strategies and actions. Accordingly, we won’t resolve issues simply for the sake of having them resolved. Instead, we strive to see the big pictures, starting with examining the entire employee relationship, from the beginning to the end and anything that may follow. Motivated by the fact that employment law allows us to have the most impact on client operations, it’s rewarding to be able to step in and make a significant impact on improving operations by eliminating or minimizing risks.

The attorneys of Shinn Legal, PLC handle a range of complex, employment issues under state and federal law relating to discrimination, disability, and leave laws. We also have experience in other employment matters, including wage payment, trade secret and non-competition law, retaliation claims, and wrongful termination. As a value added service, we regularly counsel clients’ legal and human resources teams and provide training and updates on a host of workplace issues. And, if necessary, we have a wealth of litigation experience to strategically and efficiently respond to employment law claims in state and federal courts.

Also, our attorneys collaborate with HR professionals and businesses to leverage the opportunities and minimize the risks of a workplace perpetually redefined by technology. In this regard we work with clients to address employee monitoring, the drafting of technology use and social media policies, protecting against issues ranging from on-line defamation claims, disclosure of confidential and proprietary information, and opportunities and employment related challenges presented by telecommuting and on-line contracting.

We also advise clients and often take the lead in investigating employee misconduct, especially when such misconduct involves computers, email, digital theft, and matters under state and federal computer statutes, such as the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act.