TrophiesThe American Bar Association’s 2011 list of Top 100 Law Blogs (I refuse to use “blawg” whenever possible) is out.

It is a list that consist of a diverse group of top-shelf thought leaders who provide equally great insight in their respective areas of expertise. The common thread among these bloggers, however, is the passion and depth of knowledge they have for their blog’s subject matter. 

In this regard, you can’t go wrong with checking out or following any of the blogs found on the ABA’s list. In fact, I came away with a few blogs I will be adding to my list of “must reads” (like The Not-So Private Parts published by Kashmir Hill and focusing generally on privacy law).  

The following blogs, however, are either especially relevant to employment law matters or otherwise are a mainstay in my weekly routine:

  • Connecticut Employment Law Blog published by Daniel Schwartz. Aside from the great content and practical insight on employment law matters in and outside of Connecticut, Mr. Schwartz’s blog is what motivated me to start blogging.  
  • Ohio Employer’s Law Blog by Jon Hyman. Similar to Daniel Schwartz’s blog, this is just a great source of quality information and analysis of legal issues relevant to employers in and outside of Ohio. 
  • The Employer Law Handbook published by Eric Meyer. The creative headlines alone are worth the price of admission. The great content and insight offered to employers is just an added bonus. 
  • Internet Cases published by Evan Brown. This is a super informative blog and a great fix for any technology junkie. 
  • Technology and Marketing Law Blog published by Eric Goldman and Venkat Balasubramani. While this blog generally summarizes cases involving Internet, privacy, copyright and trademark law, the authors provide deep insight and analysis that go way beyond the court opinions discussed. 
  • Delaware Employment Law Blog published in large party by Molly DiBianca. This is a go-to resource for legal issues at the intersection of social media and employment law, as well as “traditional” employment law matters.  

Also, I invariably take away some valuable insight or practical advice from Kevin O’Keefe’s Real Lawyers Have Blogs. This value is relevant to blogging in general and frequently professional relationship building.

Additionally, in publishing the Michigan Employment Law Advisor blog, I’ve been a client of Kevin and his team at LexBlog for a little less than a year. Based on this experience, I definitely encourage any lawyer inspired to make a dent in the law blog universe to strongly consider discussing those plans with LexBlog. They consistently offer text-book customer service and are all around enjoyable to work with.

Disclaimer: None of the preceding authors have compensated me for any of the opinions expressed in this blog post or otherwise promised me anything of value. However, any such reimbursement will be accepted and appreciated.