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Target Eliminates use of “Check the Box” in Relation to Job Applications and Criminal Background Checks

Job applications commonly have a question in the form of checking a box to indicate whether an applicant has a criminal record. If the applicant checks “yes,” the applicant is asked to explain the circumstances. In reality, however, checking the box ends the employment opportunity for the applicant because it is likely that a prospective … Continue Reading

One Company’s Policy for Preventing “Bad” Hires: Seven “Non-Negotiables”

David K. Williams and Mary Michelle Scott are CEO and President, respectively, of Fishbowl. They recently offered the unique interview approach their company uses to hire job applicants, Seven “Non-Negotiables” to Prevent a Bad Hire. The Non-Negotiables for New Hires Mr. Williams and Ms. Scott explain that their company screens candidates using a list of personal … Continue Reading