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Refusing to Hire Medical Marijuana User Found to be Unlawful Employment Discrimination

Are Michigan employers at risk of being sued for violating rights of individuals who are authorized medical marijuana users? A case from Connecticut under that state’s law suggest the answer may be yes. Specifically, a Connecticut federal court found an employer guilty of employment discrimination after it refused to hire a medical marijuana user. The … Continue Reading

State Marijuana Laws can Leave Employees Dazed and Confused about their Rights

Many states have decriminalized marijuana, whether generally or when used for medical reasons. But such changes present challenges for companies and their employees when it comes to balancing workplace concerns and employee rights. The latest marijuana issue employers may need to consider is called “microdosing.” Rebecca Greenfield in her article, “The Case for Eating Weed at … Continue Reading

Are Unemployment Benefit Determinations Hazy When it Comes to Employee Medical Marijuana Use?

Today is April 20, 2015. However, for certain individuals who partake in smoking a plant in the cannabis genus, it is also “420.” The use of “420” has historically been a shorthand reference to recreational marijuana smoking. However, as more states enact laws legalizing marijuana use for medical conditions, employers may need to reassess their workplace … Continue Reading