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Employees Wanted – Work at your Own Risk

Bloomberg Business Week recently featured a story about the South’s manufacturing renaissance. The article, by Peter Waldman, is titled Inside Alabama’s Auto Jobs Boom: Cheap Wages, Little Training, Crushed Limbs. The workplace injuries and deaths described are simply horrific. Here are a few examples: A female employee at auto parts supplier Ajin USA was impaled … Continue Reading

Workplace Recommendations for Responding to the Zika Virus

The number of Zika cases being reported in the United States and its territories continues to rise. Such cases were recently reported in Michigan (Ingham County and Monroe County).  For these reasons, it is prudent for Michigan businesses to understand their obligations and precautions that may be taken to limit Zika related risks in the workplace. … Continue Reading

Should Preventing Work Place Violence Yield to an Employee’s Right to Bear Arms?

Employers trying to reduce workplace violence involving guns are running into opposition from gun rights activists and state legislatures as noted in the April 4-10 Bloomberg Businessweek, A Bring Your Gun to Work Movement Builds. Such legislation essentially forces employers to make a calculated choice between bad and worse: Violate gun laws or allow employees to have convenient … Continue Reading