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Michigan Lame-Duck Session Fast-Tracks Proposals for Altering Awards of Attorney Fees

Two bills are being fast-tracked through a Michigan lame-duck legislative session that would fundamentally alter the State’s legal system regarding awarding attorney fees to a prevailing party. Specifically, the two bills were introduced on November 8, 2018, and are: SB 1182 Civil procedure; costs and fees; attorney fees; require the award to the prevailing party. … Continue Reading

Proposed Legislation To Improve and Expand Michigan Business Courts

Proposed legislation would revise Michigan’s business courts. It would provide several revisions, including a change that will be important concerning non-compete disputes. Michigan experimented with creating a “business court” docket in 2011 in Macomb County Circuit Court. The experiment expanded into Kent County in March 2012 and Oakland County in July 2012. Then in 2013, Michigan … Continue Reading

Michigan Experiments with Business Courts

It is not often that the legal system and innovation are used (positively) in the same sentence. However, Michigan has implemented a statewide innovative “business court” system to handle legal disputes that fall into a number of categories associated with business matters. I’m currently sitting in Wayne County Circuit Court’s Business Court for a breach … Continue Reading

Michigan Continues to Stand Out in Creating Favorable Business Environment By Moving Closer to Creating Specialized Business Courts

On September 11, 2012, Michigan took one step closer to implementing a court system specializing in handling business and commercial cases. Specifically, the Michigan Senate Judiciary Committee unanimously approved legislation that would create a business court system that would exclusively determine disputes if all or part of the claim included a business or commercial dispute where the amount in … Continue Reading

March Madness and Employment Litigation – It’s All About the Numbers … and a Little Luck

Employment discrimination claims and making bracket selections for March Madness a/k/a the men’s Division 1 NCAA basketball tournament often share two decision-making approaches: Guessing and analysis. For example, Survival of the Fittest: A New Model for NCAA Tournament Prediction discusses analyzing the tournament using a model based on network characteristics to “quantify traits that specifically apply to … Continue Reading