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An Employer’s Cheat-Sheet to Michigan’s Primary Employment Discrimination Statute

Employment discrimination under Michigan or federal law can be a very complex and nuanced. The following is an overview of important points employers need to be aware of under Michigan’s employment discrimination statute: Employment Discrimination Under Michigan Law  For Michigan employers the primary state statute that prohibits workplace discrimination is Michigan’s Elliott-Larsen Civil Rights Act … Continue Reading

Customer Created Hostile Work Environments as told through a Homer (Simpson) Like Epic of Naked Golf, Butt Skills & Club House Beatings

Recently a drunken day of debauchery at an Atlanta golf club resulted in a letter to the club president (PDF) recounting a lowbrow version of Caddyshack-like antics (apologies to Caddyshack aficionados). But these antics are also a stark reminder about concerns every employer should have when it comes to preventing hostile work environment claims arising out of … Continue Reading

Crude, Bullying, and Despicable Workplace Conduct Does not Create Hostile Work Environment based on Sexual Harassment

Any employee who has spent a fair amount of time in the workplace knows you will find people that are – politely speaking – simply jerks. That reality, however, becomes a nightmare if that jerk is your manager.   But fortunately for companies, an employee’s nightmare does not always create a cause of action for a … Continue Reading

An Employer’s Playbook for Responding to an Allegation of Sexual Harassment

A meaningful analogy can be made between the this year’s eventual Super Bowl winner and a company successfully responding to an allegation of sexual harassment. Consider for example that according to research (WSJ subscription required) the most defining and critical plays of a professional football game come down to success on first down. More specifically, the … Continue Reading

Presidential Politics and Sex – A Reminder for Employers on Preventing Sexual Harassment

What’s a Presidential campaign without sex? Or at least allegations of sexual harassment? In this regard, Politico reported that Herman Cain, a Republican presidential hopeful, engaged in conduct that resulted in at least two out-of-court settlements with women who complained they were subjected to inappropriate conduct by Mr. Cain. These settlements occurred while Mr. Cain … Continue Reading