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Discrimination Lawsuits Aren’t Rorschach Tests – They Should Not Be Subject to Interpretation

The Michigan Court of Appeals sent a strong message that employment lawsuits should not be analogous to a Rorschach¬†test, i.e., subject to interpretation. Instead, there are certain fundamental pleading requirements that must be alleged in order to state a claim; Failing to follow these requirements may result in a dismissal of the claim. The decision … Continue Reading

Has the Michigan Department of Civil Rights Changed its Discrimination Investigation Process?

This may be premature speculation, but it appears the Michigan Department of Civil Rights – the agency responsible for handling charges of discrimination against Michigan employers – has slightly revised its claims handling procedures. Employment Discrimination Claims and the Michigan Department of Civil Rights Specifically, an employee or job applicant may file a complaint with … Continue Reading

An Employer’s Cheat-Sheet to Michigan’s Primary Employment Discrimination Statute

Employment discrimination under Michigan or federal law can be a very complex and nuanced. The following is an overview of important points employers need to be aware of under Michigan’s employment discrimination statute: Employment Discrimination Under Michigan Law  For Michigan employers the primary state statute that prohibits workplace discrimination is Michigan’s Elliott-Larsen Civil Rights Act … Continue Reading

Marriage and the Workplace – Not Always a Perfect Match

I’m a big fan of marriage; It has definitely been good to me. But marriage does not always mean it is good for a company … at least when it comes to hiring, preemployment inquiries, or every day operations.  Employers, however, that do not understand when they can or cannot make hiring and firing decisions … Continue Reading

Michigan Court Gives Shareholders Standing to Sue For Discrimination Under Civil Rights Act

A recent Michigan Court of Appeals Opinion has significant impact on small businesses, employment discrimination claims, and arbitration agreements. This decision is likely to especially impact professional businesses such as law firms and doctors groups. Specifically, in Hall v Stark Reagan, P.C., two former law partners were forced out of their professional corporation after contesting … Continue Reading

Religion in the Workplace: Avoiding Religious Discrimination Claims

This week marked the beginning of Ramadan, which is the Islamic month of fasting. Participating Muslims generally refrain from eating and drinking during daylight hours. Ramadan is intended to teach Muslims about patience, spirituality, humility and submissiveness to God. It is also a good reminder for the need to understand restrictions against religious discrimination in … Continue Reading

Changing Gears in Reverse Discrimination Claims: Differences under Michigan and Federal Law

A Flint jury recently awarded $535,000 to a white former employee wrongfully fired after making a racial comment. This verdict also highlights important differences when it comes to reverse discrimination claims under Michigan and federal law. For background, Mr. Craig Hecht, a former charter school teacher, was fired from Linden Charter for undisputedly telling another employee that “white … Continue Reading