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Beginning a Racist Request with “please” does not make it any less Racist or Discriminatory Even if Asked for the Benefit of an Employer’s Customer

Is An Employer Liable for Harassment by non-employees? This question was inspired by a recent discrimination lawsuit (PDF) filed by a Michigan nurse against her employer, Hurley Medical Center in Flint, Michigan. The lawsuit claims the employer agreed to a man’s request that no African-Americans care for his newborn baby. While most parents of newborns would be more … Continue Reading

An Employer’s Cheat-Sheet to Michigan’s Primary Employment Discrimination Statute

Employment discrimination under Michigan or federal law can be a very complex and nuanced. The following is an overview of important points employers need to be aware of under Michigan’s employment discrimination statute: Employment Discrimination Under Michigan Law  For Michigan employers the primary state statute that prohibits workplace discrimination is Michigan’s Elliott-Larsen Civil Rights Act … Continue Reading

How Not to Strike Out in Defending a Race Discrimination Lawsuit

A recent employment lawsuit, Ondricko v MGM Grand Detroit, LLC (PDF), for gender and race discrimination, illustrates how an employer can strike out in employment litigation by it’s own inconsistencies in disciplining employees and poor documentation for such discipline.   Factual Background Kimberly Ondricko is a white female. At the time she was terminated, she was … Continue Reading

Changing Gears in Reverse Discrimination Claims: Differences under Michigan and Federal Law

A Flint jury recently awarded $535,000 to a white former employee wrongfully fired after making a racial comment. This verdict also highlights important differences when it comes to reverse discrimination claims under Michigan and federal law. For background, Mr. Craig Hecht, a former charter school teacher, was fired from Linden Charter for undisputedly telling another employee that “white … Continue Reading